How I Choose Paint Colors

Choosing interior paint colors can be intimidating, when you see a fan deck. There are easier ways to stay ahead and keep your home resale ready without it looking like a model home with no life.

Trimont Pittsburgh, PA
  1. Always Choose Nature
Spare Room

Earthy tones really do create not only a clean look, but it also give your home a welcoming feel to any room. Right now the best way to go is with neutrals with gray tones. Whether you are thinking of selling your home or this is your forever home, natural colors will always be a win and allow creativity to flow.

2. Let’s Travel

When thinking of colors and schemes for the interior of your home stay ahead of the curve. In Pennsylvania we tend to just stay with what we know not thinking how we can innovate with things a small as the colors we choose. My favorite time of year is when the color trends for the following year come out from companies like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, PPG and BEHR.

3. Cabinets Transform

Vanity Repaint

Taking a look at a kitchen or bathroom remodel can be daunting and expensive. Just Paint! The going renovation trend that we have been seeing more and more of is not replacing your cabinets but painting them. White is a go to for home owners that selling their home and want to update their home without the $30,000 price tag, however, for those us in our forever home but are thinking about resell branch out. Different shades of gray can give your home a modern look but also some personality.

Gray Repaint

4. Feng Shui For Energy and Inspiration

Feng Shui is very popular eastern style of bringing positive energy to each part of your home. Now before you call an architect and start demolition on your interior, step back and take a look at the color chart. Even a simple repositioning of your decor and adding plants can make a big difference. Also the colors that are in each room make a significant change in the way you feel when you enter a room

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