Paint Sheens Across The Board

Paint sheens are not just set by room, good professional painters know what sheen to use after a home has been renovated to make things as smooth as possible. We also take into consideration whether you have kids or pets and which rooms they spend the most time in. Sheen is not just per room there are so many factors that we take into consideration that it is easiest for us to buy the paint. Where a lot people may see on tv what sheen looks best on camera and in someone else’s home keep in mind just those things, its on camera and in someone else’s house. When you look at pictures on Pinterest let your professional see those and let them go through the different options to get the best possible finished look. If you are doing your own painting do a lot of research for your situation specially if you are painting an addition or removing wallpaper. There are things to keep in mind when it comes to hiding seems and the right primer for after you remove the wallpaper.

Please contact us with any comments or questions about paint sheen and color that would be right for your project.

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