Paint Sheens Across The Board

Paint sheens are not just set by room, good professional painters know what sheen to use after a home has been renovated to make things as smooth as possible. We also take into consideration whether you have kids or pets and which rooms they spend the most time in. Sheen is not just per roomContinue reading “Paint Sheens Across The Board”

Graham and Brown

Graham & Brown wallpaper of the year 2020 Bloomsbury Neo Mint shows that the mid-century interiordesign homedecor has made a come back in a major way. When I see their collection it tells a story. The Bloomsbury Collection gives amazing options for a vintage classic look as an accent or even a main look.Continue reading “Graham and Brown”

Paint To Save

Whether you are selling or you just found your forever home, Painting your cabinets can be the most cost effective way to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom. To replace cabinets in the kitchen can cost you anywhere from $8,000-$30,000 depending on the size of your kitchen. Painting kitchen cabinets ranges from $1,500-$6,000 again depending onContinue reading “Paint To Save”

How I Choose Paint Colors

Choosing interior paint colors can be intimidating, when you see a fan deck. There are easier ways to stay ahead and keep your home resale ready without it looking like a model home with no life. Always Choose Nature Earthy tones really do create not only a clean look, but it also give your homeContinue reading “How I Choose Paint Colors”

8 Most Effective Renovations

Adding and keeping value in your home is easier then you think. Many home owners make the mistake of putting more money into the areas that do not need it and less money in things that do. When we think of selling our home all of the sudden we start getting overwhelmed and we overContinue reading “8 Most Effective Renovations”

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